Brazil (Brasil) Serra Negra Coffee


This Brazilian coffee comes from Mogiana which is near the Mogi River in Brazil that separates the state of Minas from the State of Sao Paulo.  Specifically, it is from farms near Pocos de Caldas in Mogiana.  The coffee is quality specific, not farm specific, so it could come from any one of several farms in the area.

This has a classic Brazilian flavor.  It’s very nutty like warm, gently roasted walnuts.  There are some citrus fruit undertones.  There is a well-rounded spice like paprika in the finish that doesn’t dirty the palate, but fades cleanly leaving you wanting more.  The body is medium to medium-heavy depending on how you roast it and brew it.  This is a low acidity coffee like most Brazilians – very drinkable.  The fragrance and aroma is fantastic – I swear you could use this stuff as air freshener!

A light roast really brings out the sweetness and fruitiness, while a darker roast seems to transform this bean into a more full bodied chocolate and nut coffee that is more classic Brazilian.

This coffee benefits from a 24 hour rest period to enjoy it’s full flavor.

Serra Negra  is a very popular coffee with local commercial roasters and makes a  great base for an espresso blend or drinking it straight.

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