Colombia Supremo Coffee

Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed and Arabica coffee. They are well known for their high quality coffee.

Colombia only produces washed Arabica coffee. There are three primary varieties grown in Colombia and the coffee is referred to by the region in which it is grown. There are many coffee producing regions in the country. Colombia is proficient in producing an abundance of truly delicious and sought after coffee.


 Supremo is  a coffee grading term in Colombia. Supremo coffee beans are slightly larger at a screen size of 17 and 18. This type is the largest bean size grading for Colombian coffee.

This coffee has citrus notes, chocolate, medium body, clean finish,  balanced, bright acidity, caramel notes,  smooth taste.

There are no overwhelming flavors in it. It’s clean. Their is a bit of citrus high acidity on the front end. Which makes this coffee a great morning coffee. Then it finishes super clean leaving no aftertaste at all.

If you are new to buying freshly roasted coffee and don’t know where to start – you can’t go wrong starting out with our Colombian Supremo.

Day or night, this coffee remains a consistent favorite and will not disappoint.

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