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espresso8Espresso is prepared using a much finer grind than what would be used to prepare drip coffee. These grinds are then tamped with 30-40 pounds of pressure into a portafilter basket so they are very compact. This prevents the water from blowing a hole into the grinds and making a poorly pulled shot. The time it takes for the hot water (nearly 200 degrees!) to run through the grinds should take around 15-20 seconds every time a single or double shot is pulled. Any longer or shorter amount of time will affect the way the shot looks and tastes.

Buying coffees as whole beans and grinding them just before brewing is by far the best alternative for espresso drinkers who are serious about quality as it produces a fresher, richer more fragrant beverage. Buying whole-bean coffees and having them ground at the store is probably second-best.

Whole-bean coffees offer almost infinitely more choice for espresso brewing, and produce (in most cases) a fresher, richer, more fragrant beverage.

There are three main parts to the espresso shot: The heart, which is the dark part at the bottom, the body, which is the middle part and the crema, which is the frothy top layer.



How to make Espresso!


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