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A hobby of Merle’s is a small-batch coffee roasting business. We roast green coffee beans as ordered by friends and customers to provide the freshest possible taste of coffee brewed from the world’s best Arabica coffee beans.

Tibaagan Coffees is a local coffee roaster based in the Red Lake, Ontario, Canada. Since 2000, we’ve been roasting and delivering fresh coffee each and every week.

Our roasting is done with a small-batch, fluid-bed roaster. This roasting method is considered by many to produce a superior coffee product. The beans are roasted faster–thereby preventing unnecessary evaporation of the flavour oils.

Here at Tibaagan Coffees you have access to excellent coffees from the great coffee growing regions of the world.

High quality Arabica green coffee beans are sourced from Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, Brazil,Nicaragua,Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia and other places.

We have a passion for good coffee, a deep respect for the people who grow it, keep our values simple and honest and our coffee fresh and delicious.

Tibaagan Coffees

Welcome to Tibaagan Coffees’ Blog!
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